david Lee

PRODUCT, ex-gopro 

I left one of the best story telling companies in the world, Gopro, to tell my own story through the VR technology. I have filmed numerous VR videos to share the world around me from my point of view. I am here after 15 yrs experience in ux and startups. 



Steve Aquino

PLATFORM engineer, ex-gopro 

I am a father, entrepreneur, and lover of technology. I am passionate about being part of positive change in this world and strive to leave it a better place for my children. I'm a natural born leader, a quick learner, and a perfectionist in all my work. I enjoy learning and continuing to develop my skills, and I look forward to sharing my talent with others and collaborate towards making a lasting impact.



Fifer Garbesi

VR CONTENT DIRECTOR, vr journalist at ripple

I create documentary films around the world with a dedication to truth. I believe in sharing stories of those who are not represented in the media, from electronic music producers in Havana to the okupa movement in Madrid. My films are your access pass to the underground. 



Yosun Chang

VR ENGINEER, award winning hacker / builder  

I create software that invokes wonder in the human condition.

{wonder, innovation, elegance} ∈ a hacker's take on augmented reality, 3d graphics, mobile iOS and Android dev, startups, COOL STUFF and life.



Soohyun Park